Gırnata G Clarinet (Albert System)



Delicately chosen, aged and certified Granadilla (African Blackwood/M'pingo) and Mopane woods along with natural Portuguese cork are used in the production of the Gırnata G Clarinet, which is completely produced by hand workmanship.  The ergonomic design of the keys, which are produced with Alpaca silver and plated with Sterling silver, is not only comfortable but also provides the ultimate playing pleasure.  Thanks to delicate hand workmanship combined with the finest quality of materials, rich tones are ensured in consistency.  The Gırnata G Clarinet, which acquired its current design after painstaking research and development, is played by many master musicians with great appreciation.


Teknik Detaylar

Wood: Granadilla (African Blackwood/M’pingo) ¹, Mopane²


Keys: Keys and rods are produced by produced by alpaca (New Silver/German Silver)³ and plated with 50µ Sterling silver, adjustable thumb rest


Springs: Special fabrication of stainless steel


Comes with special carry case



¹ Granadilla: Granadilla of which binominal name is dalbergia melanoxylon, is also known as African Blackwood or M’pingo. It is native to dry regions of Africa from Eritrea and to South Africa, particularly in Tanzania and Mozambique and takes upwards of 60 years to mature. Black coloured heartwood of Granadilla of which density is 1,4 gr/cm³, is the first choice for professional woodwind instruments because of it’s tonal qualities, consistency and rich tones that it provides. Since it has slow drying character, it is kept in logs for a long time after cutting and then rested at least one year after cut into desired dimensions. Due to smuggling and long time to grow in maturity, Granadilla is severely threatened and protected by conservations projects in most of Africa. Woods that are used by HUBB Instrument Workshop, are certified and acquired only from the forests of Tanzania and Mozambique that are under control (more forestation than harvesting).

Mopane: Mopane of which binominal name is colophospermum mopane is native to southern regions of Africa, particularly in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Dark brown coloured heartwood of Mopane of which density is 1,3 gr/cm³, is one of the finest woods for professional woodwind instruments because of it’s rich tones and tonal qualities as Granadilla provides. Because of overuse, Mopane is almost extinct in commercially and under protection and conservation in most of Africa. HUBB Instrument Workshop uses only certified Mopane woods.

Alpaca: The usual formulation of alpaca which is also known as German Silver, new silver, nickel-silver or argentann, is 60% copper, 20% nickel and 20% zinc. However this formulation may vary according to place and aim of use. Sine alpaca is one of the best materials that is suitable to silver plating, is not only ideal for keys of professional woodwind instruments such as clarinet and oboe, but also used in manufacturing of flute, saxophone and trumpet. Keys and rods of all clarinets that are produced by HUBB Instrument Workshop, is manufactured by alpaca and plated with 50µ sterling silver.