Solo Wooden Darbuka - Rosa



The HUBB Solo Wooden Darbuka is the first and only tunable wooden darbuka in the world. Carefully chosen rose woods and finest quality artificial skins are used with hand workmanship in the HUBB Solo Wooden Darbuka Rosa Series, which has the original cherry/claret red colour of the rosewood.  Thanks to its ergonomic key design that completely fits the palm, and its ideal weight, many artists prefer the HUBB Solo Wooden Darbuka for both stage performances and recordings.


Teknik Detaylar

Height: 17,7" (45 cm)


Weight: 12-13 lbs. (5,5 – 6 kg)


Skin Diameter: 9" (23 cm)


Skin Property: Artificial Skin


Wood: Rosewood


Rim: Aluminium cast coated by electrostatic paint


Base: Steel (DIN 2448) coated by electrostatic paint


Tuning Screws: Stainless steel (ASTM 304)


Colour: Cherry


Comes with special carry case