Solo Ceramic Darbuka



Thanks to special ceramic moulds used in the production process of HUBB Solo Ceramic Darbukas, every single instrument has the same weight (± 150 gr), thus every instrument provides the same satisfying and rich tones. The HUBB Solo Ceramic Darbuka, which is decorated with traditional Ottoman encaustic motifs and coated by a very special technique know in Turkish as “sıraltı”, is impeccable in appearance and resistant to contamination and attrition.  Because of its fine, natural, delicately stretched skin, and the tone that it provides, many artists prefer the HUBB Solo Ceramic Darbuka for both stage performances and recordings.

Teknik Detaylar

Height: 17,7” (45 cm)


Weight: 10 lbs. ( 4,5 kg)


Skin Diameter: 9” (23 cm)


Skin Property: Natural skin (goat skin, kid skin, cowhide)


Comes with special carry case