Frame Drum - Arus



The finest quality solid woods and natural skins are used with delicate hand workmanship in the production of HUBB’s Arus Frame Drum Series.  With its secret tuning ring embedded inside HUBB’s Arus Frame Drum Series not only ensures the desired satisfying and unique tones, but also provides light weight especially for long standing stage performances.


Teknik Detaylar

Diameter: 15,75” (40 cm)


Height: 4” (10 cm)


Weight: 1,75 lbs. (0,8 kg)


Skin Property: Natural skin (goat skin, kid skin, cowhide)


Wood: Mahogany, beech tree, chestnut


Colour: Cherry, walnut, mahogany


Comes with special carry case


Özel taşıma çantasıyla birlikte sunulmaktadır.