Riqq - Sada


HUBB’s Sada Series Riqq, which is produced using the finest quality solid woods, natural skins and brass cymbals with delicate hand workmanship, provides the desired unique tones with its secret tuning ring embedded inside.  As far as we know HUBB’s Sada Series Riqq is the lightest tunable riqq in the world, thus it is perfect for stage performances.  Moreover, with its brass cymbals, it ensures the desired tones for recordings. Bronze cymbals can also be included upon request.


Teknik Detaylar

Diameter: 9,5” (24 cm)


Height: 2,2” (5,5 cm)


Weight: 1,5 lbs. (0,7 kg)


Skin Property: Natural skin (goat skin, kid skin, cowhide)


Wood: Mahogany, beech tree, chestnut


Number of Cymbals: 20


Cymbal Property: Brass


Colour: Cherry, walnut, mahogany


Comes with special carry case